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The CAx Implementor Forum is a joint testing effort between AFNeT, PDES, Inc. and prostep ivip. The objective of the forum is to accelerate CAx translator development and ensure that users' requirements are satisfied. The CAx Implementor Forum is an approach to establish a common test activity in the CAD and CAE areas by merging AFNeT's, PDES, Inc.'s STEPnet and prostep ivip's RoundTable activities in this area.

The goals of the CAx Implementor Forum are to:

Implement functionality for today's needs
Identify functionality for tomorrow's needs
Avoid roadblocks by establishing agreed upon approaches
Increase user confidence by providing system and AP interoperability testing
Ensure new functionality does not adversely impact existing implementations

The CAx Implementor Forum is significantly improving STEP translator quality and decreasing translator time-to-market.

Test round summaries (starting with Round 39J for CAD and Round 1S for CAE), as well as meeting dates, can be found on the CAx-IF Calendar.

For more information on CAx Implementor Forum, send email to:

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